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Our Motion packages includes a discount code for online training courses available through our platform.

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Pricing: £450.00 per annum

The compliance package that keeps your business moving

With Motion, you can access a fully accredited health and safety advice and support service that prepares your business with the necessary documentation and policies to be able to operate as a compliant and safe establishment.

By law, you must have access to competent health and safety advice. The Motion package has been carefully curated to provide this and more, without compromising on cost.

Is Motion Right for You?

You’re a contractor operating with under 5 employees or subcontractors.

You need to know what the law requires from you as a small organisation.

You want to ensure you’re covering at least the minimum requirements to comply with UK health and safety regulations.

You want to ensure you’re able to pick up the phone and get advice from a competent safety professional should the need arise.

You want a Health and Safety Policy suited to your business activities and some guidance on how to implement this into your operations.

What’s Included in Motion?

The Motion package is aimed at supporting startups and small contractors with a cost-effective and comprehensive compliance package, supporting you at the level you need.
Motion includes:

A certificate proving you have access to a competent health and safety professional for 12 months

Access to our telephone advisory service line Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm

Notice of changes in legislation that will affect your organisation

Monthly newsletters and safety alerts where needed

A discount code that is used against online training courses available on our Training Platform

This service is provided by the DynamIQ team, a fully accredited workforce with over 15 years of experience operating within the health and safety sector. Our expertise is designed to keep your business up-to-date with the latest health and safety requirements, providing a straight-forward and hassle-free experience.

Motion Reviews

These product reviews speak for themselves.

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As a small business, I was able to take on larger contracts thanks to DynamIQ’s Motion package, which helped my business gain the accreditations required for the work with fast turnaround and a service designed around my needs. Read more... 

More Details

The construction industry has one of the highest incident rates of all sectors. It’s important that contractors are able to fulfil their health and safety responsibilities in order to keep employees and subcontractors safe while at work.

Some insurers will also require you to have a health and safety policy in place prior to providing cover.

Failure to comply with health and safety requirements not only leads to project downtime, but sanctions for organisations and individuals, which include fines and imprisonment.

Our Motion package ensures your small business meets legislative and regulatory health and safety requirements; as a part of this, DynamIQ works with our clients to create a bespoke Statement of General Health and Safety Policy, of which it is the duty of every employer with one employee and above to have in place.

This policy is a minimum safety standard that lays out an employer’s approach to managing safely, providing clarity to employees and subcontractors on their duties and responsibilities while they are working for you.

Looking for a more comprehensive package? Discover Boost and Velocity, designed to support larger contractors with managing their health and safety responsibilities.

Support is just a phone call away

At DynamIQ Safety, we specialise in the Construction & Civil Engineering sectors; we build long lasting relationships by providing an upfront, reliable & friendly service.

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    We use DynamiQ S&H Limited for a long while now and Virginia is absolutely amazing quick, efficient, knowledgeable and very helpful. We highly recommend this company.

    Jacqui Williams

    C&C Flooring Management

    “I cannot recommend DynamIQ highly enough. In such an important area of our business it is reassuring to know we have a partner in which we can call upon and get a fast response to help resolve any queries, to safeguard both our business and most importantly our clients. Thankyou DynamIQ.”

    Stuart Tandy Director

    Able Racking Services

    “Thank you Vee. It is always great working with you and your company regarding all vital Safety Certification. Efficien, effective, highly informative but above all always making an effort to create a stress free environment for us.”

    Deon Van Zyl

    Director, Munditia Ltd

    "The support and services provided by this company are unparalleled. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They are fantastic at the end of the phone whenever I need them and the Support is just superb. I would highly recommend."

    Following our decision to quality check and ensure our Health and Safety credentials were up to date and industry specific, we contacted DynamIQ S&H and they have been excellent.

    Virginia met with us and thoroughly went through or business processes - they not only improved current formats and put new policies in place to ensure we are continually monitoring our Health and Safety practices, but introduced new procedures to help save time.

    I can not recommend DynamIQ highly enough.

    In such an important area of our business it is reassuring to know we have a partner in which we can call upon and get a fast response to help resolve any queries, to safeguard both our business and most importantly our clients.

    Thankyou DynamIQ.