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The trusted safety & compliance partner for construction and civil engineering contractors of all sizes.

Choosing your path
to compliance

DynamIQ Safety's tailored packages for the construction and civil engineering sectors, we're your dedicated partner in elevating your safety standards and competitiveness.

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Start ups and small contractors

(1-5 employees)

£450 per annum

Basic certifications to help you get started.

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Start ups and small contractors

(1-5 employees)

£60 per month

Get certified and cover the accreditation of your choice.

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Larger contractors

(Up to 25 employees)

£200 per month

The full package, acting as an outsourced full time health and safety officer.


Assuring your success through the following accreditations...

Level up your business
with our ad-hoc services

Full comprehensive suite of services to enhance safety and compliance for contractors of all sizes.

Deco Contractor Logos

We help contractors get the neccessary accreditations they need to win more work

From as little as £350

Deco Hands Inspections

Construction site health & safety inspections and audits

Unbiased and certified business-centric health and safety inspections for the best interests of your business.

Deco Hands Support

Health & safety policy document creation and support

Ensuring you comply with safety legislation we assist with all your policy document needs.

Support is just a phone call away

At DynamIQ Safety, we specialise in the Construction & Civil Engineering sectors; we build long lasting relationships by providing an upfront, reliable & friendly service.

Talk with the experts today to get started.

    Online training & Cloud-based management software

    Keeping you and your employees up-to-date.

    Online training videos to keep your emplyees up to date.

    Accredited health and safety training, ideal for businesses ensuring employees get the right training and certification.


    RAMs, the cloud-based health and safety software

    Carry out multiple tasks in one place: from risk assessment and method statements to COSHH assessments and staff training.

    From as little as £399

    “Thank you so much, DynamIQ Safety & Health Ltd for your help. For Virginia Bomber and Anne Camille Ajenga. Dynamiq has been big help to Cambridge Roofers Ltd.” 

    Princess Lei Lacap Office Administrator

    Cambridge Roofers Ltd

    “I cannot recommend DynamIQ highly enough. In such an important area of our business it is reassuring to know we have a partner in which we can call upon and get a fast response to help resolve any queries, to safeguard both our business and most importantly our clients. Thankyou DynamIQ.”

    Stuart Tandy Director

    Able Racking Services

    “Thank you Vee. It is always great working with you and your company regarding all vital Safety Certification. Efficien, effective, highly informative but above all always making an effort to create a stress free environment for us.”

    Deon Van Zyl

    Director, Munditia Ltd